Monthly System Monitoring


Secure You Virtual and Physical IT Environment. Teks R Us will monitor all of your machines and network equipment including: all updates, security patches and virus definition protection. Insuring you have the latest updates will help your systems run more effectively and reduce downtime cause by Virus’s and Malware.

Support Contracts

Our support contracts start where our monitoring services leave off. We can provide everything from Server support contracts to help your in house staff with supporting systems that may require more time than you may have or want to spend. To one of our all-inclusive contracts that can provide everything you may need with a predictable monthly fee

Project Support Services

We offer services from the planning stage thru post-deployment. We can offer solutions based on fixed-fee basis or time and materials basis. We have skilled Technicians that can help make any project go smoothly and on time and budget. Let one of our experts help plan and or deploy your next IT Project

Hourly Support Services

Support contracts aren't right for every company or every situation, and we realize that. We offer our same high levels of expertise on an hourly basis. While we can't promise the rapid response times we offer support contract customers, we can promise knowledgeable, professional support and consulting on an as-needed basis.

You can schedule us on an hourly basis during regular office hours, evenings or even weekends (depending on technician availability), depending on your needs. Have one of our Technicians fix your issues on an hourly basis. We can provide support for everything from desktop/laptop support to Server issues

Network Assessment

Not sure what’s on your network or maybe you want to know if that 3 year old server you have will last a few more years? Have one of our technicians provide you with a detailed report of all the accounts, machines, services, applications, on your network. We will even provide a detailed network diagram of your network and include information on who hosts items like your email, websites, DNS setting and your domain name..

Procurement Services

Not sure if that email ad you got telling you about a new server at a rock bottom price is really a good deal. Let one of our Account Manager's help you with your IT Procurement. We have vendor arrangements with some of the top IT Companies and can help you save time and money on your next equipment purchase.

Phone & Data Ordering 

Do you think you’re paying too much for phone and data services or maybe it’s time to get smart phones for some of your employees. Let use provide an assessment of your current Land line, cell and Data Services and optimize them. Cutting just a few dollars off of each line of services can add up quickly. Many times this can save you $1000's each year.

Support and Services

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