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Working from Home?

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused millions of people to work from home making internet usage increase exponentially. You may have noticed that it is taking longer to connect and download work documents. You might even have experienced getting disconnected; causing you to lose time. Let me reassure you that you are not alone!

Working from home is already tough as it is with the normal home distractions and not being able to see and converse with co-workers face to face. Remote working has become even harder, and many times impossible, with Internet/WiFi systems that have to support multiple family members streaming Netflix; gaming or listening to music; all while you need to make that important video conference call or submit a report by deadline.

When working in the office, your productivity was directly associated with the performance of your office’s wireless and wired network. A sudden transition to working from home has left hundreds of thousands of members of the working community struggling to recreate these networks. Non-technical people are now left to troubleshoot their own networking issues and, worst of all, when contacting your internet provider all they tell you is you are running a lot of devices and the connection looks good on their end.

Teks R Us is here to help you! Let one of our Tech Support Specialists help you customize and improve your internet connection while working remotely. We are here to assess and find the right devices available that will give you a stronger WiFi signal; better bandwidth management; and control of your home network. This will allow you to work from any space in your home.

With the ongoing pandemic, Teks R Us has taking the proactive approach of vaccinating our staff against Covid-19.

Orlando Salas

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