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Customer Experience Technology in 2022: Omnichannel Experience

If you're a small business that's currently exploring customer experience technology and looking to improve, this recently conducted survey by Metrigy might offer you some valuable insights. This survey of small and large businesses identified customer satisfaction as their top priority in all industries.

Benefits of Customer Experience Technology

The benefits of customer experience tech are No matter your business size or industry, be sure to measure before-and-after success. Measuring before and after will help you identify what works and what doesn't, this is especially important when switching providers and implementing new apps, platforms, or systems.

According to Metrigy’s research, businesses that implemented a contact center platform or changed to a different provider showed the following success:
  • 18% improvement in revenue

  • 10.7% reduction in operational costs

  • 16.8% improvement in customer ratings

  • 17.6% boost in agent productivity

A contact center platform is one of the most effective ways to quantify your customer satisfaction success. They give your customers an efficient, flexible way to contact your business while providing detailed analytics and insights to help you improve your customer experience. If you switch to a cloud-based contact center platform, you’ll also save money because you won’t have to worry about managing on-site infrastructure!

Digital-First Strategy

A digital-first strategy is especially important for small-medium businesses as it gives your customer a variety of ways to contact you: email, live chat, mobile sms, social media, etc. According to Metrigy, "26.4% of small businesses already have a digital-first strategy in place and 38.8% are either evaluating or planning on making digital-first a strategy for 2023 or beyond". Providing this "omnichannel experience" not only gives customers the ability to contact your business with their preferred method, but also gives you valuable, real-time data through analytics to continue to improve your customer experience.

If you're a small or medium sized business looking to implement a contact center platform or any other customer experience tech, contact us and let us help you take your customer experience to the next level! OR call us at (888) 883-TEKS

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